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152 Harley Street

152 Harley Street was co-founded as an entity in 2010 by Professor David Dunaway and Dr Malcolm Schaller, in order to provide a state-of-the-art consulting suite combined with surgical facilities to allow operating under sedation and local anaesthesia. The clinicians at 152 Harley Street provide specialist care in Plastic Surgery, Maxillofacial Surgery, Dermatology, Laser Treatments and Reconstructive Dentistry & Oral Surgery. Facilities are available to treat both adults and children.

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Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children

The International and private patients wing at Great Ormond Street Hospital takes advantage of all of the specialist services available within the Hospital. David Dunaway’s international Craniofacial practice is based here along with many other aspects of his paediatric practice.

Cheap Tramadol Uk

The London Clinic

The London Clinic is situated just across the road from 152 Harley Street. It is one of the most well equipped private hospitals in the UK. Specialist facilities are available for plastic surgery and complex craniofacial surgery. Professor Dunaway undertakes adult complex reconstructive surgery and some plastic surgery at The London Clinic.

Order Tramadol Overnight Uk

Weymouth Street Hospital

Weymouth Street Hospital is situated near Harley Street and has been specifically designed to accommodate day case surgery or surgery requiring an overnight stay. The hospital is ideal for most adult plastic surgery and aesthetic procedures requiring general anaesthesia.

Tramadol Online Prescription Uk

The Portland Hospital for Women & Children

The Portland Hospital is one of the UK’s few private hospitals able to provide specialist paediatric care. Professor Dunaway regularly operates at the Portland Hospital.

Paypal Tramadol

The Wellington Hospital

The Wellington Hospital has over four decades of expertise in treating patients in key areas of healthcare and is owned and operated by the international company HCA. The hospital is ideal for most adult plastic surgery and aesthetic procedures requiring general anaesthesia.