Facial Deformities

Facial deformities in children are usually the result of birth defects, although occasionally can be caused by trauma or as the result of treatment for childhood tumours. Their treatment is often complex and a team of dedicated clinicians with expertise in this field is required. Professor Dunaway leads the Craniofacial Team at Great Ormond Street Hospital.

Children with facial deformity may suffer psychological and functional consequences of their disfigurement. Our team includes ENT surgeons, ophthalmologists, orthodontists, speech and language therapists, clinical nurse specialists, respiratory clinicians, geneticists and audiologists, who all participate in the diagnosis and treatment of any functional concerns arising from facial anomalies. The Craniofacial Team also has dedicated psychologists who can advise and help with any psychological concerns that arise. The surgical team consists of plastic surgeons, neurosurgeons and oral & maxillofacial surgeons, all of whom have a special interest in the management of childhood craniofacial deformity.