152 Harley Street welcome Professor John Harper, Consultant Paediatric Dermatologist

152 Harley Street is about to enter its second year of being fully open. During the year, the community of clinicians practicing there has grown into an effective group providing complimentary skills. There are dermatologists, maxillofacial surgeons, plastic surgeons and ENT surgeons. In the New Year specialists in aesthetic medicine will join us.

My own private practice has benefitted enormously from having ready access to respected clinicians who have skills that compliment my own plastic surgical experience.

I am very pleased that Professor John Harper, consultant paediatric dermatologist has joined us. I have a close working relationship with him in our NHS practices at Great Ormond Street where we treat children with pigmented skin lesions, vascular anomalies and unusual skin conditions that require a joint dermatological and plastic surgery approach.

We are establishing a joint private paediatric dermatology and plastic surgery clinic at 152 Harley Street to treat difficult conditions or where decision making requires a multidisciplinary approach.

152 Harley Street is one of the very few independent private facilities licensed to treat children. The facilities include a child friendly local anaesthetic theatre. This means that older children willing to undergo minor procedures such as removal of moles under local anaesthesia with the support of their parents and our staff can have treatment without the need for an admission to hospital or general anaesthesia. This form of treatment isn’t suitable for all children, but can be a great benefit in selected cases.

Professor Harper can be contacted on 020 7390 8308 or portjh@tiscali.co.uk