RSM Medical Innovations Programme

Last week, I spoke at the Royal Society of Medicine Medical Innovations meeting about the separation of the Sudanese conjoined twins Rital and Ritag. It was an opportunity to share the thinking and organisation behind the separation.

Preparing for the lecture gave me some time to reflect and organise my thoughts about the whole process. Although the surgery was quite complex, I think main reason for such a successful separation lay in the meticulous pre operative planning and the wide range of expertise that the team at Great Ormond Street Hospital was able to offer.

You can read about the separation at

The Medical Innovations Programme was a very informative and enjoyable day. Subjects ranged from latest updates in biotechnology to innovations in deep brain stimulation to treat movement disorders to the architecture of Maggie’s cancer centres.

It was a thoroughly inspiring day and a great venue to exchange ideas with medical innovators from a wide range of disciplines.

I am looking forward to next year’s event.