People seek facial rejuvenation for many reasons. Most people simply want to feel better about the way they look and often say that they dislike looking older than they feel. Others are concerned that the aging process makes them look tired and angry. For some, the motivation is social and for others it is their concern about how their facial appearance affects perception at work.

Undergoing a facelift is a major decision and most people think very carefully about the possible benefits and implications before seeking a consultation.

The scientific evidence suggests that the motivation for undergoing a facelift is a significant predictor of satisfaction with the procedure.

Most people are motivated by a wish to feel better about themselves rather than to change the way others see them. People aged between 40 and 50 are more frequently motivated by a wish to look younger and more attractive. They also often hope that the change in their appearance will have a positive affect on their careers. Over 50s are more likely to seek facial rejuvenation after significant events such as the death of a partner, divorce or separation from their children. With changes in society resulting in people working longer, both men and women in the over fifty age group are now more likely to cite age perception at work as a prime reason for facial rejuvenation.

People who expressed a desire for improvement of self-image are more likely to experience a psychological benefit than those seeking benefits in the workplace. Anxiety and depression at the time of surgery usually has a negative effect on psychological outcome. Other factors associated with a positive outcome are older age, realistic expectations and greater severity of the aging process. Women are more likely to benefit psychologically than men.

Overall patient satisfaction following facelift is more than 95%, with improvement seen in self-confidence and esteem, decreased consciousness about appearance, and an overall improvement in quality of life. Achieving a positive outcome needs careful discussion of the reasons for seeking a face lift and reflection on ideal timing and type of treatment required.

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